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'Finally, after 23 years of tortured development, pinging from studio to studio, star to star, and even courtroom to courtroom, the Watchmen adaptation has arrived on screen. It’s not for the faint-hearted — and, despite the preponderance of Spandex outfits, capes and costumes, not for the kids either.'

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It was last year when the first teaser trailer for Watchmen appeared in my local cinema. From that initial trailer, it was not quite clear how 'graphic' this adaptation of the 'graphic novel' would be; and you're unlikely to get much of a flavour of it shown on a trailer before a 12- or 15-rated film. In fact, it was the visuals and soundtrack of this film that were of the most interest to me.

A year later, the film opened to mixed reviews. From my point of view, I believe it lived up to expectation. The soundtrack was very apt and, although long (160 minutes), the film's pace was considered and each character was carefully drawn-out in turn as we were introduced to the Watchmen.

One comment that has been levelled at this film is that it is too difficult to understand if you have not already read the graphic novel. I'd disagree - although complex, the film is not too complicated on a first viewing, although it is probable that there will be extra references to pick up on the second run.

The theme of the film is a world on the brink of nuclear disaster, and the work of the exiled Watchmen in 'saving the day'. And yes, they do save the day with a copious quantity of gore along the way.

All in all, a solid fantasy adventure, with good visual effects. That's if you don't mind the gratuitous violence. And the blood. And the violence. And the 'love' scene cringingly played out to Hallelujah. Oh, and the violence. It deserves it's 18 certificate - just because it's based on a 'cartoon', this one certainly isn't for the kids.


This guy could definitely be a stand in for the Blue Man Group...



Reviewed on 05/04/2009 by Sam


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