The Boat That Rocked

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Mark Haddon

'It marks Curtis's second outing as director yet, despite his relative inexperience in the megaphone department, he happily took on the challenge of shooting at sea on a real boat anchored off the English coast. He even allowed his cast - a starry line-up featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy and Emma Thompson - to stray from his lovingly crafted script and improvise dialogue.'

Stella Papamichael,



The Boat That Rocked is one of those films that one is immediately wary of going to see. The phrase 'over-hyped' springs to mind, especially when the teasers for this film were playing many months ago with a potential to have already shown all the good bits. For me, even my breakfast-radio-talk-show-of-choice broadcasted from a variety of water-based vessels and venues in the week leading up to the release (providing a limited degree of amusement, it has to be said).

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised. The film is an easy-going no-brainer (similar to Richard Curtis' other works, especially 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'). With a pleasing 60s playlist and a strong cast (especially Bill Nighy, Nick Frost and Philip Seymour Hoffman), the film works very well.

Rhys Ifans' attempt to join the Bill Nighy look-a-likes

Most of the film is quite predictable, however, there are enough twists and turns along the way to make it enjoyable. The only negative comment I would make is on length; it does feel somewhat dragged-out.

All in all, it's the type of film we Brits do best - it's a feel-good film; it doesn't require too much investment to provide some good quality entertainment.



Reviewed on 06/04/2009 by Sam


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Currently out in cinemas (in the UK). In a strange twist to normality, America will have to wait until August.



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