The Young Victoria

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'The rising star Emily Blunt plays the cloistered young monarch with a schoolgirlish playfulness and a lively spirit; Rupert Friend brings a poetic pallor and an endearing awkwardness to Albert.'

Wendy Ide,



As a child, the Victorian era is one of the first you learn about - the lifestyle, the industrial revolution and about the legendary Queen Victoria.  As Britain's longest reigning monarch, she is arguably one of the most prominent Royal's in History alongside Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and the current Queen.  However, most of what is taught of Victoria shows her during her later years, as an eccentric (and thoroughly unamused) older lady.  So, I was intrigued by this film in the hope I would gain some insight in to her younger years.

As a young Princess

I was not disappointed by what I saw and, whilst one can never trust a film for factual accuracy, I felt this was truer to life than most others. Unlike other period dramas of recent years, the cast was composed of fairly discrete actors, none of whom over-dominated their roles. Further, it was a pleasant change to see so many historical British figures actually being played by British people! Emily Blunt especially gave a superb performance as Victoria; I genuinely felt both the strength and confusion of the young Queen throughout the film. Rupert Friend also played a wonderful Albert and both he and Blunt had a very natural interaction. They gave a strong portrayal of the couple and it was easy to imagine the bond that existed between the two in real life.

The Coronation

One comment made to me which I feel rings true is that the passage of time is not clear. It is apparent that Victoria and Albert spend months apart, but how many is a mystery only solved by the heavy-handed use of subtitles. Although, perhaps this is deliberate since the details are not pivotal to the story-line and the primary focus is Victoria and her relationships with both others and herself.

Victoria and Albert

The costumes are stunning and the scenery and sets have a very 'authentic' feel.  All in all an extremely enjoyable film!



Reviewed on 07/04/2009 by Angela


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