A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini


Mark Haddon

"A triumph"

Financial Times



I could not put this book down.  There are many novels which have throughly engrossed me, but this one had such an addictive plot.  The scene of the story, Afghanistan, is a place one hear's mentioned on the news regularly.  However, I couldn't confess to knowing much of the real politics behind what goes on there and what the history is behind it all.  Whilst 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' is based in fiction, I felt the political references to be closer to fact and it saddened me to think of all of the vicious behaviour the Afghan people have suffered over the years.

The plot wonderfully and cleverly intertwines the lives of two very different women, from Miriam's youth through to Laila's maturity.  The suffering they endure day-to-day at the mercy of whichever militia movement is in power is only made worse by the abuse they suffer at the hand of their husband.  Even as the plot moves in to modern day, the restrictions enforced on them are harsh and the punishment severely un-just.  It made me appreciate the freeness of the society in which I have the fortune to live.

Hosseini's writing is easy to read and the many descriptions throughout the novel help to build a much clear picture of the world in which the leading ladies struggle to survive.  However, it is the portayal of their relationship which really makes the book; the under-lying moral for the story being that love for someone can make you endure and fight to survive, or if necessary place yourself in harms way to protect those important to you.  Whilst full of so many sad moments, the happy ones make them worth it.  But if you make it through this book without shedding a least a couple of tears then you are much stronger person than me.  I cannot fault this book.



Reviewed on 08/03/2008 by Angela


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