The Associate - John Grisham

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The suspense is there in what is easily his most recongisably 'back to form' novel since The Firm. Grisham has returned with a vengeance to his trademark territory: the grim world of corporate law and the sinister machinations of the men on its fringes.

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Growing-up I was a massive John Grisham fan.  With previous novels such as 'The Client' and 'The Pelican Brief', it was almost impossible to not find yourself gripped by the plot.  Over time, I found his books slightly less compelling and, having not read one for many years, I was hoping this would not be the case with 'The Associate'.  As I closed the book, I would probably say I felt 50/50 either way.

Even though I was reading the book in Spanish, I found it fairly easy to get in to the plot.  It starts off quite high pace, with the protagonist, Kyle McAvoy, quickly meeting some sinister characters.  However, whilst I expected the plot to speed away, it didn't.  The story dwindled for quite some time before Kyle even got to the correct geographic location and state of employment to carry out what his blackmailers had asked!  When the action did finally start, it all seemed to be over very quickly.  Also, unlike my preferred Grisham's where the characters are out on their own and fighting for people to believe them, once Kyle seeks help, it all seems to come for him very quickly!

In spite of this, I did enjoy the book.  I very quickly got in to the story and found myself eager to pick the book back up again on the train.  Also, on the plus side, compared to previous Grisham plots, this one will pull you in but won't leave you suspecting everything and everyone!



Reviewed on 04/07/2010 by Angela


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