Sex and the City: The Movie

Mark Haddon

"Coming very much from the school of 'give them what they want', this is possibly the only TV tie-in film to successfully transplant the essence of the small screen hit onto the bigger canvas."

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I was an avid viewer of 'Sex and the City' when it was on TV and I thought it had one of the best ever finales of any TV show I have seen. So, when they announced they were going to make a 'Sex and the City' movie, I couldn't help but wonder, would it tarnish six series of hard work...?

Okay, enough of the Carrie Bradshaw impressions, but I did have genuine nerves about whether the film would ruin the good vibes left behind by the TV show. The nervous feeling in my stomach did nothing to help the film at the start; for the first few minutes I found everything either amusing or cringe-worthy. However, in reality it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. In fact it was much like the start of an episode, and I quickly got over my initial feelings and settled in to the film.

The characters are still as they were when we left them, except slightly older and, dare I say it, slightly more mature. Of course, the characters were never immature little girls, but they did have a tendency to become irrationally upset very quickly - especially Carrie. In the film however, she is much more settled and that makes it much easier to watch than some of the episodes.

The film is, on the surface, very superficial. The number of labels and brands being flashed about is such that you actually notice more when they aren't there! The characters also all seem to have an endless flow of cash, even Carrie who always struggled for money in the TV series (although she does make reference to a hefty credit card bill at some point). However, none of that is meant to be the point of 'Sex and the City'; it's about the friendship between four friends and those around them. It's also about being able to watch a film which, for two and half hours, completely drags you out of your world until something idealistic and glamorous! You never see a hot, packed commuter train or a pair of scraggy work trainers in the NYC of Carrie's world!



Reviewed on 11/06/2008 by Angela


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