Sepulchre by Kate Mosse

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Mark Haddon

"Brilliantly absorbing...Richly evocative and full of compelling twists and turns"




A few chapters into 'Sepulchre', I was enjoying it but I was also unsure what to make of it; I wasn't clear where it was going or what kind of subject matter it was going to have.  Of course, that sort of ambiguity about the plot is most definitely a good thing in a novel.  However, my uncertainty over the subject matter made me a little nervous - there was regular mention of tarot and daemonics, an area I usually wouldn't have any interest in readying about.

The plot lines that were closer to the surface of the book were ones that I sussed out fairly quickly - particularly the mystery surrounding Anatole.  Mosse's habit of spliting her story over the past and present helped with that, with a few spurious comments made in the 'present day' sending my thoughts down the right path to working out what was going on in 1891.  The mystery surrounding the Sepulchre and the cards however, was something that I didn't start to understand properly until the end of the book, and even now I am not convinced I fully understand what happened during the later chapters of the novel which brought the story to a close.

The book is well written and the main characters are endearing whilst the villains instantly give off an air which creates dislike towards them.  The plot seems to maintain focus throughout and there are no off-shoot plot lines which ultimately serve no purpose.  With the page count coming in at 731, this book is no quick read and I think if there were anything I would immediately criticise it would be the length.  That being said, I would not use it's length as a reason not to read it; it is easy to pick up for a few minutes at a time so even it takes several weeks to get though, it's definitely worth a look!



Reviewed on 19/07/2008 by Angela


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