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"A sewer rat working undercover at a posh restaurant is a pretty icky premise, but in Pixar's latest and possibly greatest film, you'll be rooting for the rodent."

Paul Arendt, BBC Film Reviews



Disney Pixar always advertise their films for months, if not years, in advance and I have been watching teasers and trailers for Ratatouille since at least December last year. The teasers didn't really grab me; unlike 'The Incredibles' which had amusing little teasers, Ratatouille didn't strike me as the funniest of films. Further, by the time they actually announced the release, I was getting a bit bored of seeing it. However, the film got good reviews (well the ones I heard) and one critic (I forget who) even said it was probably more enjoyable for adults than for kids. So, I decided to shrug off any pre-conceptions of the film and go and see it.

As always, I was wrong to doubt and Disney Pixar did not disappoint. The film was most definitely different from it's predecessors, with a slightly more adult theme to it. None the less, it was funny from the word go. The main character, Remy the rat, was a very down to earth creature, but to contrast him he soon teamed up with the comic Linguini, who had a wonderfully amusing high-pitched voice! It also made a nice change to have an animated film not set in the USA / a make-belief world.

There isn't much to say about the quality of the animation - as with everything these days it is so good you barely even remember it's animated. The film is also a pleasant 110 minutes long and I didn't once look at my watch. This is a lovely light-hearted movie and I can't imagine anyone not going along and enjoying it. Five out of Five in my opinion.



Reviewed on 15/10/2007 by Angela


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