Meridon by Philippa Gregory


Mark Haddon

"In other hands this would be a conventional historical romance.  But Ms Gregory uses her historical knowledge of the haves and the have-nots of those times to weave a much more subtle and exciting story"

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I absolutely loved the two books that lead up to 'Meridon' ('Wideacre' and 'The Favoured Child') so I was eager to read the final instalment of Philippa Gregory's trilogy.  After the previous two books which have ended on a rather sombre note, I hoped that by the time 'Meridon' drew to a close, all would finally have been righted on Wideacre.

My hope was well placed, but that's not to say the story doesn't have many twists and turns; things only come good in the last few pages!  The story picks up fifteen years after events in 'The Favoured Child'.  The protagonist, named Meridon of course, if far from Wideacre and is a young gipsy girl.  In fact, Wideacre doesn't even appear in the story until about a third of the way in, other than in Meridon's dreams.

The event which pushes her to make her way to Wideacre is, in essence, rather predictable, even to our young heroine.  Life when she arrives is not as she imagined it and, in her state of despair, she makes some rather bad choices for herself.  Fortunately, those who genuinely begin to care for her do not abandon her in her times of need, despite the abuse they endure!

In a similar way to reading 'Wideacre', there were times where Meridon really infuriated me (as did Beatrice).  Her stubborn and wilful behaviour always went against what you knew she would be doing and I almost wanted to scream at the book to get her to stop.  However, she makes for a lively and eventful read.  It was a brilliant ending to the three stories - and three generations of Wideacre.



Reviewed on 05/06/2008 by Angela


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