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You could throw a rock at a video shop and hit a movie about the joys of parenting, but very few of those gooey family flicks deal with the actual business of making the baby. That's where Knocked Up comes in. Delving fearlessly beneath the duvet of taboo, Judd Apatow's superb comedy follows the relationship between slobby stoner Ben (Seth Rogen) and go-getting TV exec Alison (Katharine Heigl) from a drunken one-night-stand to nursery shopping and labour pains.

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I wasn't really sure what to expect from 'Knocked Up'. On the one hand it looked to have the potential of a really funny film, but on the other I had visions of a kind of 'sick' comedy much like some of the scenes one gets in cringe worthy bits of 'American Pie' or cheaper knock-offs. So, considering this I went into the film with an open mind.

I was pleasantly surprised by the film and it seemed to cleverly cross a few genres; there was an element of teen-comedy, normal comedy and also an element of rom-com. However, none of these dominated the film and the gentle mix of the three made the film an easy an amusing watchl I didn't look at my watch once during the film, which not even some of my favourite 'epic' films managed.

The main female in the film, Alison Scott (played by Katherine Heigl who is, apparently, of 'Gray's Anatomy' fame?) was a fairly realistic embodyment of a mid-twenties, career driven woman. To the contrary, her male co-star Seth Rogan who played the unwitting father Ben Stone perhaps over-acted the character a little. However, it didn't not ruin the film and merely added a few more laughs to some of the most funny moments.

Another excellent character in the film is Pete, Alison's bizarre brother-in-law.  Whilst I may find the character amusing because it's played by Paul Rudd, who I find particularly funny in all films, he along with his wife Debbie (played by Leslie Mann) bring humour to the moments when Alison and Ben are being more serious!

This film got lots of 'out loud' laughs in the cinema and in addition to the comedy also had a nice happy ending to make everyone smile. I didn't leave the cinema feeling like I had seen a film that will go down in history, but I definitely felt more light-hearted!



Reviewed on 26/09/2007 by Angela


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