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Inception was said to be one of the more intellectual films to have come out of Hollywood recently.  Having seen the trailers many times, since the teaser trailers at the beginning of Spring, I was excited about this film.  I can safely say that it more than lived up to expectation!

The concept, of being able to enter the dreams of others to extract thoughts and secrets, was very novel, which these days is rare in a film!  It would have been easy to take such a theme and create an overly complex and confusing plot.  However, I think what the writers achieved with 'Inception' was bang on the mark.  It was by no means a simple story and credited the audience with some level of intelligence and ability to keep up with what was going on.  On the flip side though, it was quite clear about where it was going and what was happening, as long as you were paying attention.  If you had nodded off for a mere second, it would have been easy to lose the thread of the entire film.  In that scenario, I would blame the viewer rather than the film though!

The cast of the film were very strong and helped make the film what it was.  Leonardo DiCaprio leads the cast well as the plots focal character, Cobb.  He is well supported by the excellent Ellen Page as Ariadne who proves that all the expectation heaped upon her after Juno was more than worthwhile.  It was also nice to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a lead dramatic role as Cobb's friend and associate Arthur, after his more recent high-profile roles have been in more rom-com type films.

I could keep on praising the cast and the plot, but I would not be able to say much more detail without giving away some of the plot.  To wrap it all up, I would just say, this is one of the best films I have seen in the last year, if not longer.  Go in to it with a clear mind and give it your full attention and you will not be disappointed.  This film has more than enough within it to keep you glued to the screen for it's 148 minute run time.  In fact, it is quite possibly something I will be seeing again to try spot what I missed the first time round!



Reviewed on 23/07/2010 by Angela


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One of the best movies ever!
It's rare to find a plot so unique nowadays that also credits it's audience with a respectable level of intellect.
It certainly manages to keep you thinking throughout the movie and even for hours afterwards. I've just been on some Internet forums and am amazed at reading so many varying opinions that can all be plausible answers to the key questions you find yourself asking after this movie. It's genius.
PS. The Xtreme screens at Westfield Vue are v impressive- glad I chose this movie to test with!

Rishi on 25/07/2010

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