The Favoured Child by Philippa Gregory

Harper Collins

Mark Haddon

"For sheer pace and percussive drama it will take a lot of beating"

Sunday Times



The Favoured Child is not a book I would have picked up and bought myself. However, that just goes to show me the number of brilliant books I am probably missing out on, because I loved this book! Set at some point in the English past before women had real rights over their lives once married, the story follows young Julia as her life unfolds before her, all dictated by her 'Mama' or cousin 'Richard', to whom she has been betrothed by her dead father and aunt, Richard's mother.

Their life is not easy, being the 'squires' of Wideacre. The land has suffered many problems over the years and you feel as though you understand Julia's love of the land from the beginning. In the same vein, Richard's opression and dominance of her is infuriating and I felt myself angered by his behaviour although there was nothing I could do! As the story unfolded, the real truth behind Julia's dreams / premonitions begins to come clear. By two thirds of the way through the book I so desperately wanted to know what happened but at the same time didn't want to read another page in the fear everything would come tumbling down.

I felt so attached to Julia by the end of the book that for the last 150 pages I couldn't put it down. This book delighted, scared and disturbed me. If you read it be prepared to be shocked. But don't let that put you off; this book is brilliant and most definitely worth the time to read!



Reviewed on 20/11/2007 by Angela


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