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Twi-hards and dragged-along-boyfriends, rejoice! After the ponderous, dreary New Moon, The Twilight Saga has rediscovered its bite with a flick that ups the action, sex, pace and humour and ditches the constipated moping, flat gloss and atrocious CGI. Yay!

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The pre-release chatter about Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight saga, promised that it would have "more action" than it's two predecessors.  After sitting through two fairly slow paced, pained, melancholy and, for New Moon, "mopey" films, I was quite looking forward to a bit more vampire / werewolf grit.  Having since sat through the film, I now feel a little fobbed-off by the aforementioned chatter!

Okay, so I will give the director / producers / cast / everyone involved in film their dues, this one was less mopey.  And yes, it did have more action, but really, only just!  The vibe of the film was, in all honesty, much improved simply by the fact that neither Kristan Stewart (playing Bella Swan) nor Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) looked they were being tortured from the inside out for the duration of the film.  Unfortunately, the angst-o-meter jumped right back up again because of the Bella - Edward - Jake love triangle.

On the action front, aside from a bit of running around early on, this was all stored until the end.  The battle of Cullens & Werewolves vs. New Borns was good value for money, apart from the fact it was so short!  You would think that for a two hour film, there could have been more that 5 minutes of action (or that is how long it felt!).

My slightly negative view of the film was quite possibly not helped by the giggling and coo-ing of the predomiately young female audience we saw it with.  I won't even comment on almost inappropriate squealing from adult women when 18 year old Taylor Lautner kept appearing without a top on...


In the grand scheme of things, this film wasn't too bad.  The acting was quite good and it wasn't dragged out too much.  It was quite close to the plot of the book and the characters felt that little bit more open and 'alive' than in the previous films.  My main issue though is that the entire Twilight francise has been completely grabbed hold of by the teenage and 'Sex and the City' type female gang.  Everything is that little bit more 'sickly' and intimate than it perhaps would be, which is a shame and makes it a little hard to stomach if not in the right mood!



Reviewed on 04/07/2010 by Angela


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