Blink - the power of thinking without thinking - Malcolm Gladwell


Mark Haddon

'Trust my snap judgement, buy this book: you'll be delighted'

The New York Times



I have literally just finished reading this book and felt compelled to write about it immediately before I forget it all; this book is brilliant!  In 'Blink', Gladwell presents a topic which everyone of us is aware of us but that most of us do not really understand - that of our unconscious decisions.

Throughout the book, he introduces us to many people who have invested their life's work into studying certain areas of this science.  The amount of information about a persons true feelings that can be assertained from a split second expression is amazing.  All of the meaningful expressions that a persons face can make, both consciously and unconsciously, have been catalogued.

Similarly, studies of how the brain copes under extreme pressure are fascinating.  Studies show that behaviours exhibited by those with autism are present in people under extreme stress.  However, what is perhaps most interesting is how this knowledge can be used to address the behaviour of those who encounter extreme pressure more regularly than the rest of us - such as policemen or bodyguards.

I won't insult the book by trying to go into anymore detail than I have.  However, the underlying message of the book is that we can gain a great insight into our behaviour by understanding our unconscious thoughts.  Not only that but contrary to popular belief, we can consciously work to improve our unconcious reactions.  The only thing left to say is read it - rarely is something so complicated so easy to understand.



Reviewed on 28/05/2007 by Angela


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