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"What did we just see!? The guy flipped his car sideways over the top of the bad guy’s car so he could beat the bulletproof glass by shooting through the sunroof in mid air! Wow!"

Ed Holden,



'Wanted' is pretty much what it says on the tin - an action and gun fuelled action flick.  James McAvoy plays the lead character of Wesley Gibson, a rather pathetic guy stuck in a job he hates and living in a bit of a dump with his girlfriend, who by the way is cheating on him (which he knows) with his 'best-friend', who he continues to be nice to!  Within about ten minutes of meeting him, you just want to walk him to him, give him a slap and tell him to get a grip!

Of course, you know he won't remain this way and he quickly meets Fox (Angelina Jolie), a member of an organisation named 'The Fraternity' which Wesley ultimately joins.  As always, Jolie is very good at playing the cool, attractive and dangerous character - much like her former incarnation as Lara Croft Tomb Raider.  She's is there to 'safe' Wesley from a man named Cross who supposidly killed the father he never knew and is now out to kill him.  Even at this point in the film I did suspect that things may not be as they seemed.  But then again, this film was never really going to be some big mystery.

What follows is an good hour of fighting, chasing and 'Bullet Bending'.  During this time (which I get the impression is only a matter of weeks) Wesley also manages to transform from pathetic weakling into a tough fighting machine.  Of course, he un-earths the truth about The Fraternity and brings everyone to justice with the help of Fox, who seems to be the only one left with a few morals!

This isn't a particularly clever film and it can be a bit gorey at times.  But the action is good with plenty of decent rock music to accompany it.  At just over an hour and half it doesn't do the subject to death either.  I would say that, if you like action films, this is worth your time.



Reviewed on 27/07/2008 by Angela


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