Vanishing Acts - Jodi Picoult


Mark Haddon

"The novel is slick and pacey and the author has done her research...if you like a brisk read with a soft centre, then this is the novel for you."

The Sunday Times



Vanishing Acts is a story about a young woman, Delia, who at 32 discovers she has been living her entire life not knowing her true identity.  Raised in New Hampshire USA, Delia has an idyllic life with her father Andrew and four year old daughter Sophie.  She also has her two life-long best friends Fitz and Eric; the latter being both her fianc?e and Sophie's father.  The only thing missing in her life
is her mother, who she believes died when she was 4.

One day her world is turned up-side down when her father is arrested for kidnapping her from Arizona 28 years previously.  Andrew is extradited back to the
southern state and Delia follows, in search of the truth that has been hidden from her.  We learn Delia's mother has been alive all this time, but that she is not the flawless character Delia imagined she would be.  As Delia struggles with the truth of her past, Eric - a lawyer - desperately searches for ways to save her father from prison.  However, for the recovering alcoholic, such a big trial emotionally stretches him and his relationship with Delia.  His only drive to succeed is a desire to prove himself to Delia after all the pain he has put in through in the past.

The plot takes many slight twists and turns.  The narrative is written from the perspective of all of the main characters allowing us to get a full picture of the story.  At times I did find some of the characters a little too emotional.  However, this is counter-balanced by Andrew's tale of life within the Arizona state pen.  Whilst it isn't a classic, Picoult's work is an effortless read and it easy to empathize with the characters.  Definitely a pleasant way to while away an evening!



Reviewed on 07/08/2006 by Angela


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