St Trinian's

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Mark Haddon

"The truth is, the original Belles Of St Trinian's (1954) would eat these newbies for breakfast. As the school's headmistress, only Rupert Everett shows true bulldog spirit, but it would be a stretch to see him back for a second term."

Stella Papamichael,



I didn't really expect that much from St Trinian's. It appeared to be teen flick full of girls with attitude and it was exactly that. Of course, that didn't make it a bad film and I found myself happily amused for the duration. It was a far cry from the St Trinian's of old though; you most certainly didn't see girls going by group names such as 'Post Totty' and prancing around in undies and stockings in the 1950's and 60's!

There was nothing amazingly clever about the plot, but it has all the components of a silly British comedy; a outcast, cunning kids, a need for money, a heist and a man playing a woman (Rupert Everett as the headmistress Miss Fritton). Despite it's move into the modern days, the film did retain the old spirit of the original St Trinians films. The sense of mayhem was apparent at almost every moment and the students were all portrayed in a truely obnoxious way.

The majority of the lead actresses playing the St Trinian's girls seemed fairly new to the schene, but their acting was decent none-the-less. There were a few familiar faces amongst the cast, including Kathryn Drysdale (Two Pints of Larger & a Packet of Crisps) and Lily Cole, who was actually playing a 'Geek' which made a refreshing change from when we usually see her prancing up and down the catwalk.

Of the more main-stream actors, Rupert Everett does an excellent job as Miss Fritton (and her brother Carnaby. Colin Firth also features as Geoffrey Thwaites, a politician determined to make a statement to the nation by closing down St Trinians, a disgrace to the English educational system. Typically there were also direct mentions of "Colin Firth" and "Mr Darcy" (Miss Frittons dog) throughout the film - he seems unable to escape that in films these days!

This film is not for everyone and I can quite understand why people wouldn't like it. However, if you fancy a bit of silly teen humour then it will help to, er, keep you amused.



Reviewed on 05/02/2008 by Angela


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