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For 18 years The Simpsons have been successfully putting the fun into dysfunction on our TV sets. On the big screen, however, the 'funk' comes across almost as strongly. It could be the pig poop that Homer fatefully dumps into Springfield's lake, or it could be the sweaty desperation of eleven writers (including series creator Matt Groening) all sat in a room, struggling to fill 90 minutes of Movie. Okay, so it's quite funny, but sometimes concentration drifts and - mmm, popcorn...

Stella Papamichael,



There has been speculation and rumour about a Simpson's movie for years so I'm not sure whether I was surprised or relieved when "The Simpson's Movie" was finally released at the end of July.  I have recently taken to watching the occasional episode of The Simpson's again on TV so I was tempted into the cinema to watch it a few weeks ago.

The story is not very deep and is a little bizarre!  In typical Simpson's style it involves the town being declared bad at something (this time for being environmentally friendly) and ultimately they get shut under a giant glass dome to live out their existence.  The cause of all of this is, of course, Homer and the result is the Simpson family becoming outcasts in the town - again nothing new there.  Of course it all comes good in the end - it wouldn't be right if it didn't!

The jokes are funny, but there isn't much that makes it any more outstanding than a typical episode.  One of the most amusing scenes was with Homer and 'Spiderpig', but that was so overly used in the trailers and clips that it was slightly ruined when seeing it on the big screen (only slightly though!).  Sadly, many of the long standing and brilliant characters that also reside in Springfield did not really feature in the film.  If I have any particular criticism of the film that would be it.  With a bit of tweaking it would have been easy to introduce characters such as Mr Burns, Mo and Barney a little more than was done.

On a technical level the animation was much the same as in the TV series with the characters looking their known-and-loved 2D selves.  However, the background was jazzed up slightly in many scenes with a little more three dimensional shading!  All in all, the film was good and kept me amused for the 87 minute run time.  It wasn't a laugh a minute as some critics claimed, but it did have the audience chortling away a lot of the time!

Definitely worth seeing but just remember, whilst they call it a movie, it is essentially just an extra long episode!



Reviewed on 10/08/2007 by Angela


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