Shrek the Third

Mark Haddon

The summer of threequels continues with Shrek The Third, a serviceable CGI toon with enough wry humour to keep weary parents amused.

Paul Arendt, BBC Film Reviews



This year really has been the year of 'threequels': Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Die Hard 4.0 (okay it's not a threequel but still another follow-up) and now Shrek 3. Most of the films to date have not reviewed well, by neither critics or the general public and I was slightly concerned that after two excellent films prior to "Shrek the Third" that this one might not live up to the high standards the last two set.  Fortunately it did!

Not too long and not too short, the third Shrek film was a brilliant length for watching without falling asleep on a Friday night!  None of the jokes were repeats of the previous films and the same old lovable characters were back, including Puss in Boots and Donkey of course.  The irritating get amusing Prince Charming is also back mourning the loss of his dear mummy (the Fairy Godmother) and stirs up no end of trouble in Far Far Away. 

One of my favourite scenes is the visit by Shrek, Donkey and Puss to a 'high school' which was really funny.  I also loved Fiona's friends, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rupunzel and Cinderella who also add a very comic element to the 'break-in' of the castle.  Snow White is very much like her Disney counterpart in terms of appearance and singing, but had a very mean edge to her!  The films also has appearances from Arthur and Merlin, although they look nothing like in the Disney film this time.  Also, I must not forget to mention the baby ogars which are cute is strange kind of way!

There is nothing much more to say about 'Shrek the Third' other than "Go and see it".  I really enjoyed this film and it made a pleasant change to the mediocre films we have seen over the last few months.



Reviewed on 12/07/2007 by Angela


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