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Mark Haddon

"It's a romantic comedy told from the male perspective, but Pegg, who also co-wrote the script, isn't afraid to reveal a soft, squidgy centre - and we don't just mean the beer gut. Plenty of dry, British humour serves as a counterbalance and makes for a surprising big-screen directorial debut by former 'Friend' (and Pegg's pal) David Schwimmer."

Stella Papamichael,



'Run, Fat Boy, Run' is the funniest film I have seen this year. I generally love anything involving the usual British crowd including the likes of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. However, I was a little bit sceptical about this film because it was (and I'm ashamed to admit this) directed by an American (David Schwimmer no less). Now I have nothing against Americans but I often feel they don't fully understand British-comedy; I now eat my words!

The film follows the story of Dennis (Pegg) who, five years after running out on his pregnant financée Libby (Thandie Newton) on their wedding day, lives regretting what he did and wanting Libby back. However, Dennis is a rather 'laid back' character and has never acted on it, until Wit (Hank Azaria) comes into the picture as Libby's new boyfriend. Immediately jealous, Dennis decides to prove to Libby he has changed by running a marathon, alongside super-athletic Wit.

What follows is the amusing story of a stereotypical British male trying to do the impossible. The film is made even funnier by Gordon (Dylan Moran who plays Bernard Black in the wonderful 'Black Books'). Alongside Dennis's landlord, Mr. Ghoshdashtidar (Harish Patel), Gordon 'trains' Dennis for the marathon, although not just for Dennis's benefit.

This film had everyone in the theatre laughing out-loud for the duration of the film. A classic British comedy with a slight hint of American just to take the edge off, if you don't enjoy this film then I'm not sure you'll enjoy much! If you really need a good laugh, then this is the film for you!



Reviewed on 13/10/2007 by Angela


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