The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry


Mark Haddon

"Perfect for thriller fans and history buffs alike. Fabulous plot twists"

David Morrell, author of THE PROTECTOR



The only Dan Brown book I have read is 'The Da Vinci Code', but 'The Romanov Prophecy' really did remind me of that, with the one major exception being that Steve Berry's latest book actually reads like a book rather than a film!  The novel is easy to pick up and get straight in to, with both historical and crime vibes keeping the story going.  The storyline is fast pace, and despite there being quite a wide character set, it is easy to remember the details about the major ones.

The plot line focuses on the long-standing mystery surrounding the deaths of the last Tsar of Russia, and his family.  Whilst one must be sceptical about history in novels, much of what is written in this book Berry cites to be fact.  The only part which is pure fiction is the ending where they find a living heir of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.  It is truly fascinating to read about the harsh times in Russia during the downfall of the Monarchy.  Furthermore, the book also depicts Russia in the modern day and paints a rather bleak picture; although how much of that is fact I would not know.

The protagonists, Miles Lord and Akilina Petrovna, are both likeable and easily understood characters.  There is a clear spark between them throughout the book, but that is not a thread of the story that Berry, fortunately, places much focus on.  Rather, he uses Akilina to demonstrate the positive nature of some of the Russian people, and their very together attitude.

I really enjoyed 'The Romanov Prophecy' and found myself picking it up at home as well as on the train, where I usually do my reading.  There is rarely a moments break in the action and it becomes hard to put the book down at times.  This one is definitely worth taking a look at!



Reviewed on 10/08/2008 by Angela


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Wikipedia article on the discovery of the remains of Alexi and one of his sisters.

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