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"While Dead Man's Chest was a damp squib enlivened by a giant squid, the third entry in the Pirates series clunks like a rusty anchor. Captain Jack (Johnny Depp) and the rest of the Black Pearl's crew may return, but director Gore Verbinski cares more about tying up every loose end before the bum-numbing, 169 minute running time expires. Talky, action-lite and saved only by Depp's increasingly cavalier performance, it's less At World's End than When Will It End?"

Jamie Russell, BBC Film Reviews



I have to confess, I didn't really want to see 'Pirates of the Caribean: At World's End' after the dire event that was POTC 2, especially when I saw the running time was around 3 hours. When something claims to need longer than one of the Lord of the Rings films, it needs to be damn good. However, when we found ourselves stuck in Leeds one very wet Saturday, the 3 hour 'epic' suddenly proved a useful way to kill time.

Even though we had nothing better to do with our time, the film did feel extremely long and drawn out. It was much better than the second one though. Whilst 'At World's End' would not have lost too much if a lot of the scenes were cut, the plot did keep moving throughout the entire film (something which didn't happen in the second). Many of the loose ends were finally tied up in the film, and there was a larger cast of characters which meant the more animated character of Davey Jones seemed less out of place.

Heeding the words of critics and fans following the second film, Captain Jack's character seemed less over-acted in this film and was much more reminiscent of the original 'Pirates of the Caribean'. Although if memory serves me correctly 2 and 3 were filmed in conjunction so perhaps this was more luck or good editing?! The scenes where Captain Jack was dillusional were a tad excessive (and confusing) for my liking and by the end I was rather fed-up with Johnny Depp. Infact the film was littered with excessive and confusing moments, including the 'Pirate Court' which in the end I just stopped listening to because I really didn't know what was going on.

The acting in the film was much the same as always: Kiera Nightly was irritating as usual (from the first scene onwards) and Orlando Bloom was a bit wooden. To go against the critics though, I found Keith Richards rather amusing as Captain's Jacks Dad - perhaps because he was making fun of himself.

I'm not sure I would necessarily watch the film again. I definitely feel that if I have a spare 3 hours to watch a film I would much rather it be 'LOTR The Two Towers'. However, there are worse films and it does go slightly against the Hollywood norm and doesn't have a classic happy ending. If I were to give it some stars, I think 2 out of 5 would be fair.



Reviewed on 08/07/2007 by Angela


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In all honesty I think giving it 2 stars is generous!

Sam on 24/08/2010

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