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Besides the obvious, I had no idea what Miami Vice was about.  I have never seen the TV series and the trailer didn't give away many clues despite the fact it was an action, crime, thriller-type film.  However it was this very same trailer, with it's brief glimpses of the film and the 'attitude' music, that enticed me into the cinema seat to watch it.

The film conjures a lot of adjectives in my mind which describe it: dark, sinister, sexy, exhilarating, violent.  The plot, in short, is about a pair of detectives from Miami Vice who go under cover within a drug smuggling ring.  In attempt to uncover the villains, their personal lives become intertwined with the case leading to some unfortunate occurences, and so on...

Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx lead the cast as detectives James 'Sonny' Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs.  They portray the main characters well and both easily
bring a darker-underside to the characters. 

The film is full of fast cars, planes and boats; the pace of the story is equally as fast.  The plot and filming style remind me of a similar themed film - Traffic, but they are in no-way the same.  Miami Vice was far easier to watch and it kept me engrossed from start to end, and despite the occasional jumpy moment, it was one of the enjoyable action films I have seen in a long time.



Reviewed on 20/08/2006 by Angela


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