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"Disney takes a pop at its own back catalogue in Enchanted, a sprightly spoof on fairy-tale lore that both embraces and subverts its cartoon clichés"

Neil Smith, BBC Film Reviews



In the trailers, Enchanted comes across as a stereotypical classic Disney film with singing and animals that is also trying to be funny.  However this is not a bad thing and as it turns out, Enchanted does 'funny' quite well indeed.

The film starts off looking much like the Disney films of old, think Snow White or Cinderella.  The film is animated and a young maiden (Gisele) lives alone with her animal chums, singing about meeting the handsome prince she dreams of when she is attacked by an evil.  Low and behold, who should be wandering through the forest and hear her cries of distress?  None other than Prince Edward.  Of course they meet and plan to marry the following day etcetera etcetera.  But this is a Disney film and of course there is an evil witch Queen.  Before she can make it to the altar, Gisele is suddenly pushed into the real work - Manhattan to be exact.

The twenty minutes that follow see Gisele failing to fit into the normal world, despite the desperate attempts of her new found friends Robert and his six-year-old daughter Morgan.  There are some wonderful comic moments during this part of this film, not least when Gisele cleans Roberts flat, makes herself dresses out of his curtains and breaks into song in a sunny Central Park!

Just when things can't any more crazy, Prince Edward arrives along with Gisele's chipmunk friend Pip.  They are closely followed by Nathanial, Prince Edward's aid who is secretly helping the evil Queen Narissa.  Nathanial, desperate to 'take out' Gisele, tries tempting her with the classic poison apple, but to no avail.  I did enjoy watching the effects of the stray poisonous apples on un-expecting passers by though.

By the end, the wicked witch has arrived in New York too and the usual story of good versus true love ensues; and it wouldn't be a Disney film if evil won.  The film is a perfect length and nothing is dwelled on for more than necessary.  However, it doesn't feel rushed either and it was a remarkably easy watch.  Whilst it is probably aimed at kids, the audience was mainly adults and everyone seemed to be sharing my view of the film as we left - big smiles on everyone's faces.  Maybe it was just because reminded me of the Disney films of my childhood, but I really enjoyed this film.  It may not be a record breaker or a classic, but its good light-hearted fun, which we all need from time to time especially in these cold winter months!



Reviewed on 14/01/2008 by Angela


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