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Mark Haddon

"It is a truism that good books make bad films, and vice versa. By that reckoning, Da Vinci ought to be an excellent film, since the prose is awful and the plot is tremendous. But something has gone badly wrong."

Paul Arendt,



The Da Vinci code took the world by storm in it's literary form. So it was not entirely unexpected that there has been a lot of excitement and speculation surrounding the long-awaited film version.

As one could have easily predicted, the critics ripped it to shreds which gave me little idea of what to really expect.  Two and a half hours after the opening credits, I left home with mixed feelings about what I had seen.

Whilst I enjoyed the book, I can't confess to being an avid lover of Dan Brown's most famous novel.  The story line was gripping but always left me feeling that it lacked substance.  That and the writing style always made me think that the story
 would translate better as a film.  Sadly, the screen adaptation was not as good as I had imagined.

It was, of course, fast-paced and full of action, just like the book.  Unfortunately, the seemingly strong cast were let down by a mediocre (at times poor) script.  As with all films based on books, the story was cut-down which detracted a little from the overall plot.  Ron Howard (Director) also saw fit  to change a few key parts of the book; the slightly-altered ending specifically struck me as an unnecessary change.

However for all it's failures, it kept me entertained for the duration and Paul Bettany did an excellent job of portrying the disturbed and chilling character of Silas.  I don't believe it is worthy of the same hype the book received - although no doubt it will receive it.  If you enjoy a light thriller that doesn't require too much thought then there are worse ways to pass an evening.  Perhaps not one for the long-term dvd collection though.



Reviewed on 24/05/2006 by Angela


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