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Mark Haddon

"An origins story ripe with innocence and loss, this anime-inflected treat harks back to Disney’s big-hearted heritage even as it looks forward towards new worlds of innovation."

Mark Kermonde,



There are very few of the Pixar films which I haven’t seen and loved. Typically I eagerly await their release but ‘Big Hero 6’ was released in late 2014 when I was 7 months pregnant and not paying as much attention to what was due on the big screen. But for my birthday last year I was given a Google Play card and whilst browsing for a birthday film, this latest Pixar blockbuster lept out as exactly the type of film my sleep-deprived-mother-to-a-five-month-old addled brain needed. The film started and from minutes in, I was immersed.

‘Big Hero 6’ centres around a human cast with the young teen ‘Hiro’, a genius child living with his Aunt and older brother (Tadashi) in San Fransokyo. I think the setting itself in fantastic. As the name suggests, it’s a hybrid of San Fransisco and Tokyo; Think the Golden Gate bridge with temples! It immediately gives a more multicultural feel to the film, which I suspect was the intention.

The film is focussed around teenage boy-genius Hiro, who is wasting his talent taking part in illegal ‘bot fighting’. But the story quickly sees him desperate to join the elite University his brother Tadashi is a student of, studying under Robotics pioneer Robert Callaghan. All of Tadashi’s friends are all elite scientists or engineers. It’s fantastic to see a film which is promoting science and technology in such a cool and exciting way!

The ‘star’ of the show though is Baymax, a “Personal Healthcare Companion” built and coded by Tadashi; He’s like a cuddly and friendly Michelin Man. As the story takes a tragic twist, it’s Baymax who brings the empathy and compassion to the film. But he also provides a significant amount of humour as he ‘learns’ human behaviours. I challenge anyone not to laugh when they see Baymax trying to ‘fist bump’!

One thing that has jumped out each time I watched this film is the brilliant way it deals with death. Dealing with the death of any main character in a film for children is difficult. ‘Big Hero 6’ doesn’t just deal with the immediate tragedy and shock, but it also shows the challenge of adjusting to loss and moving on with life.

As with all Pixar films, ‘Big Hero 6’ is full of a combination of humour, life lessons and moral messages, all subtly wrapped together in a dramatic but not overly complex plot. The animation is top notch as always at there is such a diverse group of characters that everyone will be able to find their favourite. It’s certainly one of the best Pixar films for some years and I would recommend everyone to give it a try for a relaxing evenings entertainment.





Reviewed on 27/03/2016 by Angela


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