The Reader by Bernhard Schlink


Mark Haddon

"Deeply moving, sensitive enough to make me wince, a Holocaust novel, but light years away from the common run."

Ruth Rendell, Sunday Telegraph



In a way this book is the story of a woman living with her guilt and her deep humiliation regarding a thing that most of us take for granted, and the story of a boy very hurt by being abandoned by the 'love' of his life.

Hanna and Michael have a brief love affair which means oh so much to the young man but perhaps much less to the older Hanna. The fact that Hanna was a guard with the SS is important but to me crux of the story is still the love affair. The atrocity which Hanna is part of is truely horrific.

It is quite important to read this book, it says so much about a time in Germany's history which we all must not forget.



Reviewed on 15/02/2010 by Anna


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ISBN 0-75380-470-0

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