Virgin Earth by Philippa Gregory

Harper Collins

Mark Haddon

'Virgin Earth is a brilliant continuation of Gregory's meticulously researched story of the Tradescant gardening family, begun with such panache in her bestselling Earlthly Joys ... Utterly gripping.'

Lisa Jardine, Sunday Telegraph



This is a follow on book from 'Earthly Joys' by the same author.

It covers the life of John Tradescant the younger in the middle of the 17th century. He strives to be different from his father, who has gone before him, by trying to become his own man and not be subservient to a 'master'. Again the boundaries between fact and fiction are softened by intelligent writing. There are very good descriptions of the harsh life of the early British settlers in America and the lives of the native Indians they found already there.

Then Miss Gregory takes on the subject of the Civil War in this country which I feel she tackles well.

An enjoyable read.



Reviewed on 02/05/2006 by Anna


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