Under a Blood Red Sky


Mark Haddon

'Fans of Kate Mosse's roller coaster historical adventure style will find lots to love'

Sunday Express



Having just read The Russian Concubine I was tempted to buy and read Kate Furnivall's next book so bought this one.

I was not disappointed, I think this book is far better than her first one. If you like Joanne Harris's books Chocolat and Blackberry Wine, you would love this story.

There are some really good mystical aspects to the story which I really enjoyed and the descriptions of life in a labour camp are very vivid and 'bring home' just how gruesome life was for those poor people sent to such places. However it seems to me that the Russian spirit would not be entirely kept down by the State. Life in the imagined village of Tivil proves this point.

I thoroughly recommend this book as it has a couple of pretty good twists which I did not expect which always makes a story 'good' to my way of thinking.



Reviewed on 18/02/2010 by Anna


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