Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination


Mark Haddon

Plenty of lively action and amusement to sweep you along. Fielding's comic talent lies in her adorable observations and the slapping down of romantic expectations of any description.




What an adventure! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, although it took me until at least half way through to start taking Olivia Joules seriously! I thought all the action was simply taking place in her imagination, but I guess that is what we are intended to think. This is a very far fetched but exciting story about an unfulfilled journalist who yearns to be something more. She starts by changing her name, to another which she thinks more glamorous. Then, she meets an intriguing man and soon begins to think that he is something out of the ordinary; this he proves to be.

The book develops into a marvellous story to rival 'Bond' and I think it would make a great film. The big finale set at the Oscars would be a wonderful way of having lots of famous actors doing cameo roles.



Reviewed on 28/07/2005 by Anna


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