Earthly Joys by Philippa Gregory

Harper Collins

Mark Haddon

'When it comes to writers of historical fiction, Philippa Gregory is in the very top league.'

Val Hennessy, Daily Mail



Having an interest in all things to do with gardening I could not resist this novel which is the story of John Tradescant the elder. It is a wonderful portrayal of life in the early 17th century.

John Tradescant becomes gardener to many famous and influential people of this time. He makes gardens at some very famous sites, some of which are still gardens today such as Hatfield House.

Reading a book like this makes it easy to confuse fact and fiction and I think this has been very cleverly achieved by Miss Gregory. She brings to life just how great an influence a person like Tradescant may have been to King Charles I and the Duke of Buckingham - although I feel that this may all be a little far fetched.

No matter, this is a very enjoyable novel.



Reviewed on 02/03/2006 by Anna


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