The Russian Concubine by Kate Furnivall


Mark Haddon

Wonderful, a gripping love story- a hugely ambitious and atmospheric epic novel.

Kate Mosse



1928. Exiled from Russia after the Bolshevick Revolution, the beautiful and fiery Lydia and her aristocratic mother, Valentina, have taken refuge in Junchow, China. With destitution looming, Lydia realises that she must use her wits to survive and resorts to stealing.

This is a very exciting book with surely a follow-up story due. It is truly action packed with some horrible descriptions of cruelty that I would have liked to gloss over... Having said that maybe they are necessary to illustrate just how harsh life was in China during this time period.

You know early on in the story that the love between Lydia and Chang An Lo just cannot flourish, it would take a miracle to work. Having said that it is beautifully described, two people from extremely different cultures brought together by pure chemistry.

Other characters in the book are equally well portrayed and I’m sure that we will learn more about some of them in future novels by this author, which I look forward to reading. I recommend this book. 



Reviewed on 12/02/2010 by Anna


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