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1ButterflyButterfly World5.00
2Final Attempt (with fat man)Madrid5.00
3ButterflyButterfly World5.00
4Templo de DebodMadrid5.00
5Racing DuckSt Neots Regatta5.00
6BarkItaly 20115.00
7LionWhipsnade Photograph...5.00
8TigerWhipsnade Photograph...5.00
9La Pedrera - chimneysBarcelona4.50
10Olympic stadium - desolationBarcelona4.50
11Mersea Island BeachApril 20174.00
12On a 'steamer' on WindermereAmbleside (and Chest...4.00
13TomatoesAt Home 20084.00
14BerriesKnebworth House4.00
15Casa BatllóBarcelona4.00
16ButterflyButterfly World4.00
17La Pedrera - chimneysBarcelona4.00
19La Sagrada FamiliaBarcelona4.00
20SeagullWomen's Head of the ...4.00
21Courgette FlowerAt Home 20084.00
22Sam in front of hire carMalta4.00
23The Blue ThingTourist London4.00
24ErosTourist London4.00
25A baby bongoHolland and Belgium ...4.00
26A spiderHatfield House4.00
27FalconWhipsnade Zoo4.00
28A deerHatfield House4.00
29GiraffeWhipsnade Photograph...4.00
30PenguinsBirdland, Cotswolds4.00
31Lizard in Park GüellBarcelona4.00
32Sam preparing the next tuneClare and Matts' wed...4.00
33TortoiseHolland and Belgium ...4.00
34Lizard in Park GüellBarcelona4.00
35No really silly...Peterborough Summer ...4.00
36Beach hutsApril 20174.00
37Many tulips in the temperate biomeCornwall4.00
38Eiffel TowerParis 20094.00
39Beach hutsApril 20174.00
40Casa BatllóBarcelona3.00
41ChesterAmbleside (and Chest...3.00
42Women's EightPeterborough Summer ...3.00
43Panorama of Barcelona from Park GüellBarcelona3.00
44Broxbourne vs ClareBedford Regatta 093.00
45La Pedrera - chimneysBarcelona3.00
46Broxbourne Womens' QuadBedford Regatta 093.00
47Sacre CoeurParis 20093.00
48BeansKnebworth House3.00
49Wild GarlicAmbleside (and Chest...3.00
50Carol's flatParis 20093.00
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