Height Discrimination?

Paul Ralph gets frustrated by a world which discriminates against him because he is a few inches taller than the average chap.

Everybody has a nemesis. A Yin to their Yang. A Mongoose to their snake. An Autobot to their Decepticon. For most people, this object of hatred is a person. For me, itís a tree.

Yes, you heard me right. My nemesis is a tree. But not just any old tree. No, this tree has a branch stretching across one of the most used paths on campus. A branch which is so low, even short people have to duck. And as Iím six foot two, you can see where my problem comes from. Requests to Hospitality services (slogan: We canít deal with that now!) have elicited no response. Theyíre probably too busy cutting every single blade of grass every other day.

However, this tale is not an extraordinary one Ė not by far. Its nearly impossible for me to stand up on a bus. Hell, the other day I got wedged inside a brand new restaurant because the ceiling was far too low. If disabled people were treated the same way as tall people, there would be cries of discrimination, and pressure groups would have the Government introducing new laws in no time. As it is, apathy reigns.

So I ask you: When will tall people get treated fairly?

Paul Ralph


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