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In 2002, the domain name www.launch-uk.com was registered and a site uploaded that contained a number of photographs taken by the webmaster.

Later, a 'people' section was added allowing certain authors to submit their own articles to the site. This area still exists.

In early 2004, launch-uk became Launch and the site was redesigned with blue title bars. The site moved to PHP as its coding basis, from Perl.

In mid-2004, Launch became Revado as www.revado.com was obtained. The site now has green bars but retains most of its content. It now includes a 'reviews' section for selected authors, primarily to replace the 'people' section in the end. Comments may be posted on reviews as they used to be able to be posted on articles in the 'people' section.

Why Revado?

Revado was chosen because www.launch-uk.com was too difficult to spell to people. Also, there was no reason for the site to be called launch-uk.

In deciding on a new domain name, it was decided that a word should be invented as most of the words in the dictionary were already taken. Thus, Revado.com

And there is also no reason for the site to be called Revado. So there.

So what else is hosted here then?

In December 2013 I changed hosting provider - my site and Angela's are now on nethosted.co.uk

I highly recommend visiting Angela's web site at www.lifemotherhoodandeverything.com, but then I'm biased.

About the webmaster

Sam W was born in south London in the early 80s. His first computer was an Amiga. He used Amiga Basic to create things, and messed around with Deluxe Paint.

In 1994, his father bought the family's first PC, a "Tiny". It was a low-spec Intel 486 with a 14" monitor and a 210Mb hard disk. It had 8Mb of R.A.M.

His first web site appeared on Compuserve when users had to quote their e-mail addresses as a series of numbers. The web site was called the 'WatNet' and consisted of one long page with a few photos on.

It was only in the early 00s that the first domain name was bought for the site. www.launch.org.uk existed for a few years before the site became a dot-com, www.launch-uk.com.

As of February 2007, Sam has become a Mac user, and is enjoying a break from the Wintel dominated world.

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About copyright

This site has taken many years to develop, as you've probably read above. If you want to copy something off the site, especially my pictures (some of which are quite good) please ask my permission first. Click 'Sam W' on the green bar below to send me an email.

I like selling some of my pictures to make a small amount of money - the low-res JPEG images on this site are therefore not suitable for publication and MUST NOT be published without my permission.

Also, if you wish to copy someone's review, the text belongs to them. Send me a message and I'll ask their permission and inform you.

In using this site, you agree to this copyright obligation.


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